Fur Fetish
Are you a fan of Real Fur?
I am, and it's a joy to meet others who appreciate the rich sensuality of natural fur. My collection of vintage furs includes several full coats as well as numerous stoles, tippets, hats and trims. I store them carefully to keep them moth-free, and for 6 months of every year I enjoy wearing them out and about. They are so soft and warm and beautiful, I feel like a million dollars!

I would be pleased to wear any of my furs for you and to bring along some smaller pieces suitable to give you a memorable fur massage. Mmm...
I have coats in:
blue fox, musquash, marmot, coney, beaver lamb
I have stoles & tippets in:

sable, silver fox, red fox, stone marten, mink

All over Europe, women are still enthusiastically wearing their furs, and I am proud to do so too.
Just like the British Fur Council, I support the ban on the trade of endangered species. Responsibly farmed fur is ethically no different to the farming of animals for food. Indeed to produce a good quality pelt from a creature, with a good gloss, that animal must be healthy and content, which is more than can be said for battery-farmed chickens or intensively-reared pigs.
Real Fur has 2 layers - Guard hairs: the long hairs act like whiskers all over the body sensing surroundings, these are what gives fur its natural gloss - and the Underdown: this wooly layer close to the skin insulates the body warmth and has natural waterproofing.
Furriers train for many years to learn their craft; making a full coat involves numerous different stages and takes a long time. Existing coats can always be remodelled to suit changing fashions.
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